Education SDG's 4,5,10

Businesses create the conditions for every person to achieve a successful and rewarding working life. People are able to transition into the jobs of the future. Businesses are more adaptable and resilient to market disruptions, they will find the skills and knowledge they need in a fast-changing marketplace and they will benefit from a more engaged workforce. Businesses create the conditions for the wider society to be able to make decisions that embrace sustainable development (SDG 4, 5, 10).
  • Invest in education in the communities in which your business operates 
  • Engage with school children to help them realise their potential and understand the opportunities available through work. Break down traditional barriers of entry and prepare them for success in entering and thriving in the workplace.
  • Invest in initiatives across your value chain, so people are equipped with relevant information to understand their individual impact on the environment and society. 

What our leaders are saying

“As our primary engagement report demonstrated, we consider it a social, economic and business imperative that the country’s young people are supported in gaining the essential life skills to succeed. We recognize the need to start as early as possible when shaping the employability and financial skills of future generations and we are calling on business to increase engagement with primary schools locally.”
Eleanor Turner, Prudential UK

“To solve the challenges that humanity will face in the years to come, the world needs an increasing number of talented people with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) who will continue to drive progress and innovation. BP has been supporting schools across the UK for 50 years, inspiring teachers and inspiring students, aiming to demonstrate a real-world context for STEM subjects.  As the BITC National Champion for STEM education, we use the Business Class framework in our own schools' partnerships, and we are glad to have created guidance to support others to do the same”
Peter Mather, Group Regional President, Europe & Head of Country, UK, BP

“Goldman Sachs recognises the importance of equipping young people with the tools they need to have successful future careers. We are very pleased to have established Business Class partnerships with schools across London and we welcome BITC’s commitment to sharing the knowledge and expertise needed to enable every business to create a long term strategic partnership with a school”
Jon Hughes, Managing Director Finance, Goldman Sachs International

Over the past ten years, nearly 30,000 business volunteers from over 1,190 businesses have reached more than 277,000 young people by engaging in Business Class activities.  My enormous thanks go to the extraordinary business leaders who have made that happen.  Now, we need to scale up to reach the government target of engagement with every secondary school child, every year, by 2020” 
David Soanes, UK Country Head, UBS and Chair, Education Leadership team.


David Soanes Steve Holliday

Education Leadership Team

Chair: David Soanes, UK Country Head, UBS

Employment and Skills Leadership Team

Chair: Steve Holliday, former CEO, National Grid

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Business in the Community's Responsible Business Map 

By creating healthy communities and a healthy environment,responsible business can achieve long-term financial success. 

Join our network of progressive businesses who look beyond the profit motive, who want to make a difference within society and who are prepared to collaborate to bring about change.

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Building Healthy Communities

Pride of Place is a new approach to the way we ask businesses to engage in communities. It brings together the skills and resources of business to help some of our communities in greatest need thrive again. It is a strategic and long-term approach based on over 35 years of experience of Business in the Community.  Our aim is to build healthy communities with successful business at their heart.
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