UK monthly unemployment figures – Jobs market robust on the surface but there is underlying workforce anxiety

In response to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) UK monthly unemployment figures published this morning, Nicola Inge, employment and skills campaign director at Business in the Community, said:
“This latest jobs report is bittersweet. While the number of new jobs being created has slowed, the UK employment rate remains at a record high, which could prove useful given that we are on the cusp of one of the most seismic politico-economic developments for decades.
“It’s encouraging that wage growth has also now picked up, as for a number of years it was stagnant. Earnings may be down in real terms compared to 2008, but pay growth is moving in the right direction. Wage growth creates confidence and confidence could be key in helping the UK economy survive during the months ahead.
“At a time when a lot of employees in all sectors may be anxious about the future, we’re urging employers to communicate regularly with their staff. The UK jobs market may be robust on the surface but there is a lot of anxiety across the workforce and employers need to manage that carefully.”
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