Report: Responsible Business Tracker® Insights - Raising The Bar

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The Responsible Business Tracker® Insights report contains findings and best practice examples from the Tracker pilot cycle, highlighting BITC's key findings around the state of responsible business.
The Responsible Business Tracker®, generously supported by Sky and developed with assistance from the Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business at the University of Birmingham, marks a new stage of the development of Business in the Community (BITC). The Tracker provides business with a measurement tool that sets a new bar, with aspirations to motivate and drive change, improve business performance across all areas of responsible business and offer a focus on impact that creates new ways of evaluating progress. The data comes from 64 pioneering member businesses across 24 sectors, allowing BITC to create a tool designed for maximum positive impact.
The findings catalogue responsible business efforts across sectors, but also identify key gaps that need collaborative solutions. This report includes evidence of the challenges, but also provides examples of how leading companies are addressing this. Ultimately, the report finds responsible business is still not embedded across organisations to the extent needed. By 2030 BITC wants all individuals within an organisation to understand how responsible business applies to them.
Key findings
  • 94% shared their CEO commitment to responsible business but only 17% have linked this purpose statement to responsible business
  • 72% have started to formally engage employees and senior leaders to identify priority responsible business issues, however only 16% have integrated these into the risk register or consulted externally