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Responsible business is about how a business makes its money, not just how it spends its profit.
At Business in the Community we help companies think strategically about their impact and co-create solutions which enable them to grow responsibly and sustainably.

We support companies to embed responsible business practices and meet sustainability goals. We help companies achieve sustainable growth by integrating the delivery of positive social and environmental outcomes with their core purpose and vision.

We offer strategic advice and solutions to companies in a range of ways.

  • Members are entitled to free advice and support through their dedicated Corporate Adviser.
  • All companies can access bespoke strategic advice and support.

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Bespoke service

Through our team of highly skilled consultants we offer a unique blend of expertise and insight which helps businesses understand the interdependences between their most material issues and the social, environmental and financial risks and opportunities which drive value creation.

Our specialised support identifies the risks and opportunities presented by global megatrends, and advises on how business models need to change to address new and emerging social and environmental challenges.

Membership service

Members receive a dedicated and experienced Corporate Adviser who will both challenge and support you to develop and deliver an integrated business strategy which has responsibility at its heart. Our Corporate Advisers draw on BITC's 30 years of experience and work with companies to help you progress.

We have tools and frameworks to help companies at all stages to take your responsible business approach to the next level, whether you are starting out in responsible business, accelerating your approach to achieve impact, leading on an issue, or shaping the responsible business agenda.


Our bespoke service offers all companies

Strategy development

Strategy development iconWe work with companies to develop their understanding of current and future issues impacting the delivery of their business strategy. We support them to build ambitious strategies that deploy resources effectively and efficiently to maximize opportunities for the business.


Performance reporting

Performance reporting iconWe work with companies to help them identify how and to whom they should be reporting. We take into account what information companies have available and work closely with clients to develop reporting frameworks suitable for the long term.


Implementation planning

Implementation planningWe work closely with members to embed sustainable business strategies into day-to-day operations. This includes ensuring suppliers work to the highest sustainability standards, embedding sustainability key performance indicators into appraisal processes, and directed measuring and monitoring of impacts.

NEW: Responsible procurement support

Link icon - responsible procurement supportWe work closely with companies to design bespoke responsible procurement solutions, focusing on delivering a variety of business benefits including profitable sustainable growth, increased supply chain security and supply chain efficiencies.

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Find your Corporate Adviser on your company page.

Complete this form and tell us how we can help.

Or contact Elena Espinoza, Head of Advisory Services on +44 (0)20 75668795



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